Happy Birthday Neymar!

Neymar Jr Birthday 21

Today marks Neymar Jr's 21st birthday! At just 21 and with four years as a professional player, Neymar has scored 161 goals and won 9 titles. This is triple the amount of goals that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scored at that same age. At 21, Messi had scored 53 times and won 5 titles. Ronaldo had scored 34 goals and 3 titles.

Neymar began is career with Santos FC at the age of 17 and is now the team captain and leader of the squad. He has also won 10 out of the 13 Ballon d'Or.

Here are more of Neymar's accomplishments to celebrate his birthday:


Santos Undefeated in Campeonato Paulista

Neymar Jr 2013 Undefeated Santos FC http://neymaroficial.com/script/redimensiona_img.php?img=../img/noticias/705_principal.jpg&w=500&h=300

Santos FC is currently in first place with 13 points. They have won 4 games and 1 draw. Santos have also scored 8 games in total for the Campeonato Paulista thus far. Their next opponent will be Linense on Wednesday, February 6th. Santos FC will have to play without Neymar since he will be playing for the Brazilian International team in a friendly against England on the same day.

Neymar To Play Internationally Friendly Against England

Neymar - Brazil VS England International Friendly Feb 6 2013

Neymar Jr has been called up again for the Brazilian national team. This time Brazil will face England in an international friendly on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at the Wembly Stadium in London England. Other Brazilian players who have been called up by Luiz Felipe Scolari include: Luis Fabiano, Ronaldinho, Hernanes and Julio César.

This friendly match will also be the kick off the Football association's 150th anniversary year. Tickets have already been sold out!

Neymar Scores 2 in Campeonato Paulista Debut

Neymar Campeonato Paulista Debut - http://www.neymaroficial.com/script/redimensiona_img.php?img=../img/noticias/690_principal.jpg&w=500&h=300

Santos FC started in the right foot on their path to their fourth championship. Neymar Jr also started off the season by scoring 2 goals. In a game in witch the opponents earned 5 yellow cards and 1 red card, Santos defeated São Bernardo FC 3-1.

The game started with a lack of communication but at the 20th minute, Neymar scored his first goal of the tournament for Santos FC. The play was started by Bruno Peres at midfield with a counter attack. Bruno played it to the side for Neymar who made a subtle kick past the keeper.

Campeonato Paulista Begins Jan 19th

Santos FC - Neymar Jr begins new season in 2013

After winning two titles in 2012, Santos FC along with Neymar Jr have been on vacation for a month. Neymar Jr. and his teammates are aimed at pre-season, working out in the gyms, going to periodic examinations and working out on the soccer field.