Neymar's New Song Launches His Music Career

Neymar sings new song download

Neymar is set to release his first ever single on Wednesday, September 14th on Facebook to launch his music career. Soon you will be able listen to and download his latest song.

It seems that he is following Peles steps as he also released a song this year.

It will be interesting to hear what Neymar will be singing about and in what style.

Some have already started to worry that his music career will distract him from his football career. But as we all know, Neymar is really passionate about soccer.


Brazil vs Germany Penalties Rio 2016 Olympics

How ironic was it for Neymar to take the winning penalty kick? It was meant to happen. Brazil's best soccer player won their first Olympic gold ever.

Relive the Rio 2016 Olympics final penalty shootout between Brazil and Germany. Watch below!


Brazil Revives Hope in Rio Olympics 2016

After what seemed like a very poor start in Olympic Soccer tournament, the Brazilian National Soccer Team finally look like they are back in form and ready to take on the quarter finals.

The 4-0 win against Denmark gave them and the country hope in attaining the long awaited gold medal.

As for Neymar, he still has yet to find his rhythm. It's as if he didn't quite prepare well for the olympic tournament.

Fans were seen holding up missing person posters with neymar's picture. At this time it feels like the whole country is against neymar.


Neymar Struggling at Rio Olympics 2016

Marta vs Neymar 2016 Olympics Rio

Neymar has been overshadowed by his Brazilian National soccer team female counterpart, Marta.

While Neymar continues to struggle at the Olympic tournament, Marta has been flourishing with the women's team.

During the scoreless game on Sunday against Iraq, the very disappointed fans began chanting Marta's name.

It has been two draws now for the Men's Brazilian team and they are facing early elimination, which is hard to believe considering that they are the hosts of the tournament.


Neymar Prepares For The Olympics and Continues to Party

If you’re a Neymar fan and you don’t live under a rock, you know that Neymar is currently with the Brazilian Olympic squad training for this summer’s games. It goes without saying that Neymar is preparing to dazzle the world, along with his compatriots, during the Olympic games, but what else is happening? Plenty! You don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the action because we have you covered with all the details.

•Neymar is trying to convince Gabriel Jesus, a 19 year old who currently plays for the huge Brazilian team Palmeiras to sign for Barcelona.