Neymar Scores 2 Goals vs Coritiba FBC

By Jammick:

Neymar continues to rack up more goals in the Campeonato Brasileiro soccer league. On Sunday, September 16, Santos FC played against Coritiba FBC. Neymar scored both goals of the 2-1 final score.

In the first goal, Neymar received the ball at around 23 yards from the goal and goes through 4 defenders, jukes the goal keeper and then taps in the goal. You read that correctly, 4 defenders! He pretty much dribbled through all of them like nothing. This goal had equalized the game as Santos was trailing before Neymar had scored.

Neymar scored the comeback after finishing a rebound that had been shot by Pato and blocked by Vanderlei.

After his extended celebration of the 2nd goal, Neymar was penalized with a yellow card because he took so long to return to the game. His first goal celebration was also a bit long which is probably why the ref gave him the yellow card.

Here are Neymars stats for Futebol Brasileiro in 2012 so far:

Games: 9
Goals: 8
Assists: 5
Shots: 26