Neymar Prepares For The Olympics and Continues to Party

If you’re a Neymar fan and you don’t live under a rock, you know that Neymar is currently with the Brazilian Olympic squad training for this summer’s games. It goes without saying that Neymar is preparing to dazzle the world, along with his compatriots, during the Olympic games, but what else is happening? Plenty! You don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the action because we have you covered with all the details.

•Neymar is trying to convince Gabriel Jesus, a 19 year old who currently plays for the huge Brazilian team Palmeiras to sign for Barcelona.

•Critics have been throwing major shade at Neymar for being “caught” doing things like partying with Justin Bieber and other celebs, playing golf, and, you know, enjoying his life. He gave the press a perfect comeback. To summarize it, he asked: If you were my age and had this much money, wouldn’t you do the same thing? Neymar assured the press and his fans that he will never let his personal life get in the way of his game, but, make no mistake, Neymar doesn’t have to lock himself in his room all night just to be able to perform the next day.

•FC Barcelona, Neymar’s domestic club, just agreed to pay Neymar even more than the unimaginably high wage he was earning for his skills.

•This week marks the five year anniversary of when Neymar won the Puskas award. (In other words, an award soccer players can win for scoring the most amazing goal of the year.) What a throwback to his fauxhawk days.

•On a less than happy note, Neymar also went through a potentially dangerous situation this week. One of Neymar’s fans snuck into the hotel. They were arrested, but they claim they only wanted to take a picture with Mr. Dos Santos himself. Neymar makes us all go into total fangirl mode, but, please, don’t let your love of Neymar get you locked up.

•Next week, Neymar and the Brazilian squad will be competing in the Olympics.

•Fun fact: If Neymar and co. can pull it off, they have the potential to make history by clinching Brazil’s first Olympic gold medal for men’s soccer.