Kaká and Neymar

Kaká and Neymar: Brazil VS Iraq October 11th 2012 http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8169/8071395156_8c3b43bdb0_z.jpg

Neymar is excited to play alongside Real Madrid's attacking midfielder Kaká. The Brazilian squad had a training session on Monday to get ready for the upcoming international friendlies. Brazil will be playing against Iraq on Thursday, October 11th and then against Japan on October 16th.

Neymar had never met Kaká, one of his childhood idols.

"I still haven`t met him. It will be the first time I would have a contact with him. His experience can help us a lot."

"It'll be nice. I hope Kaka can help us. The experience he has will be very important for the national team. It can help us a lot. God willing, it will work," Said Neymar.

Kaká has returned after suffering a complicated injury and after being out of the Brazil squad for 2 years. Kaká was asked what it was like to meet Neymar Jr which he responded with:

"It was really cool to meet him. He's a very happy kid, happy and playful. He is concentrated all the time. He's a phenomenal kid. He is a unique player."