Doctor Who Delivered Neymar's Son Asks for $45,000

The doctor who delivered Neymar Jr's son David Lucca is asking for $45,000

The following is a letter from Neymar Jr's Father:

"Importantly, my son, Neymar Jr., noted the pregnancy of the mother of David Lucca in the fourth month of gestation. Right now, the pair take on the situation, we put her disposal all the necessary support for a successful pregnancy. We decided to respect the decision of the mother's family in maintaining the doctor-patient relationship that had been established with the professional in question, since he is a doctor certified by the health plan it.

All prenatal visits and tests, were covered by the Health Plan's mother's family David Lucca, from the first consultation to delivery. The only exception was the place where the birth of my grandson. The families decided to hold delivery on Maternity, in São Paulo. The institution also provided medical professionals of your body to work. Again, in regard to the doctor-patient relationship had already been established, we chose to keep the same doctor who accompanied her from the first query.

Thank God the delivery occurred without a hitch, we were extremely well attended by staff of Maternity, even without necessity, provided professional to monitor the entire procedure. It was on this day that I had my first contact with the doctor.

Until then, as I said earlier, all expenses for prenatal care, and childbirth, ran on behalf of the health plan, except motherhood, single party with whom we entered into an agreement to perform specific delivery.

Weeks after the birth of my grandson, the grandmother approached me scared stating that the doctor had requested the sum of forty-five thousand dollars as a "price" of completing the delivery. I wondered at the value, since, again, so far nothing had been requested and unaware - my family and the family of the mother - any additional expense.

The justification for charging extemporaneous offended me even more. The doctor said the grandmother of David Lucca did not realize that the birth of a "son of confectioner" and that if it were not paid the amount required to seek justice! By not understand why the birth of my grandson is so much more than a client of the same health plan or the mother of a "son of pastry", he decided to leave the amount levied in court.

Besides all the questions already posed here, the example given by the doctor was extremely unfortunate. Few people know that DNA. Miriam, the paternal great-grandmother and I have been "confectioners". I see no reason for the differential treatment.

A year after the birth of my grandson, the doctor looks for the press to publicize the story in half. Nothing was ever talked about any collection until delivery, with his mother's family, much less with my family. I can not agree to pay for something that was not hired simply because of the professional status of my child, or because the doctor found that childbirth was a football player.
We disagree and we can not admit!

Have we entered a representation along with the Regional Council of Medicine questioning the collection "outside" of a medical procedure (delivery) for a client health plan as well as the limits of this collection.

We did not manifest more about this subject. We await court decision."

Neymar (paternal grandfather) and Dna. Mírian (maternal grandmother)

Here is a video of Neymar presenting his newborn to his teammates about a year ago: